Smart 999

The Smart 999 program is our promise to our clients, ensuring 99.9% accuracy. That’s a feedback error less than 0.1%. And this is a guarantee to all industries we work with.

The program is not a fixed set of procedures, but rather a tailor-made one to suit each industry and client. With Systematic Investment Plans (SIP) about 90% of the auditing is carried out manually. With brokerage it’s the reverse, with 90% being automated. And with Micro Finance it’s roughly equal with about half the work being done manually and the other half automated.

So what does Smart 999 mean for each process?


Systematic Investment Plan

The implementation of Smart 999 here is the assurance of quality of data.

After auditing, the number of errors are measured based on the feedback from customers or the AMC; we ensure that it is less than 0.1%.

Brokerage Audit


Our platinum standard Smart 999 offers the assurance that broker pay-outs are 99.9% accurate.


Micro Finance

Smart 999 in the case of micro-finance ensures that PAR is under 0.1%.

We leave Internal/Ops Audit to the experts. It helps us concentrate on our core competencies

S V Raja Vaidyanathan
Chairman, Asirvad Microfinance Private Limited
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