SIP Audit

You offer you customers an unencumbered and disciplined savings avenue; we save you the onus of faulty and repetitive errors that stem from unchecked data entry errors in SIPs.

What we do

Managing Systematic Investment Plans is not an easy task. Given the flexibility this mode offers its customers, for the AMC it means a secure investment but also the added hassles the accounting operations bring with it.

SmartAudit eases your labours by contributing to your overall financial health. Our services include extensive auditing for RTAs and AMCs.

With SIP, volumes are high, the probability of data entries being erroneous is considerable, and customer dissatisfaction tends to be on the climb. These errors have a significant monetary impact.

At SmartAudit, we ensure that what the investor wanted to do is what is done. We validate data, check whether it’s been captured correctly with the right information, the amount being invested, the date and periods (quarterly, half yearly), whether it’s being put into the right fund and so on.

We make sure the first transaction is error free, and prevent future transactions from being inaccurate, too.

How we do it

Our team runs quality checks for every step of the process. Each new SIP registration is audited. The audit validates each field that has been data captured.

Apart from the transactional audit, we do reconciliations of SIP transactions. Our end-to-end reconciliation begins with the reconciliation of triggered transactions against the bank feed, ensuring that all transactions that should have been triggered are, in fact, triggered, and reconciling un-cleared amounts.

What value we offer

Our Smart 999 program! The implementation of Smart 999 is the assurance of quality of data.

Here is what we promise:

  • After auditing, the number of errors are measured based on the feedback from customers or the AMC; we ensure that it is less than 0.1%.
  • This gives clients complete control over their SIP

We leave Internal/Ops Audit to the experts. It helps us concentrate on our core competencies

S V Raja Vaidyanathan
Chairman, Asirvad Microfinance Private Limited
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