For want of a nail the shoe was lost; for want of a shoe the horse was lost; and for want of a horse the man was lost.

Turn to the vetted lot of auditors to catch the risk in the loose nails. With industry relevant certification and the experience to make your organization run efficiently, rest assured your PAR will be curbed by half.

How It Works

Our Rating System

  • We check over 200 parameters.
  • We monitor Collections, group formations, group meetings and documentation.
  • Every audit parameter has it’s own rating.
  • This will give a quantitative data representing the audit risk associated with the centre, field level officer, branch, region and state.

Our Alert System



  • Some parameters are so risky we will advice the CEO/Head Auditor to not give any further loans to the centre.


  • The degree of risk is slightly lesser but the centre needs to be monitored continuously


  • Slightly lesser risk profile than orange but need to take action right now so that the risk doesn’t increase.

Sarvagnya Audit Business Intelligence System

SmartAudit Pvt. Ltd. formulated a system for MFIs to ameliorate their operations and managerial decisions.


  • To facilitate report entry (audit staff) and approval (audit manager) from anywhere
  • To facilitate online client approval and incorporation of client comments from anywhere

Rating by

  • FDO
  • Area Manager
  • Division Manager

Workflow follow-up with Ops

Minimize input errors

Statistics & data mining

  • The percentage of attendance across each centre
  • The difference in attendance percentages between two different regions
  • The comparisons of FDO/Branch/AM/DM ratings between two audit periods

This system was conceived to be highly useful when a client has multiple branches.

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