Brokerage Assurance

Toss out your doleful visage and broker an agreement between your many factions.

What we do

Brokerage pay-out is one of the largest expense items for AMCs. Owing to its complexity, one needs to ensure that the brokerage calculations and pay-outs are being done correctly. This applies here even more because discrepancies here can have a tidal impact on many other factors, primarily relating to the financial aspects. So our first priority is ensuring the calculations are done accurately.

How we do it

Brokerage calculation is complex on account of the following:

Number of distributors
Number of transactions
Calculation methodology
SEBI guidelines

At SmartAudit we write SQLs and execute them on databases of the RTAs to have checks and balances on the calculation. We have over 100 SQLs to check various calculations and payments. From brokerage structures to upfront calculations to CAP rates, we have SQLs covering the entire length and breadth of brokerage calculation and payment.

What value we offer

Our processes are significantly automated to reduce as much inaccuracy as possible, while the remaining is manually handled ensuring a less robotic approach.

We specially bring to the table our platinum standard Smart 999, which offers the assurance that broker pay-outs are 99.9% accurate.

We leave Internal/Ops Audit to the experts. It helps us concentrate on our core competencies

S V Raja Vaidyanathan
Chairman, Asirvad Microfinance Private Limited
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